Landing Page and Copywriting

In the previous article, you got some knowledge about the target audience and building a customer avatar. Now you are going to learn how to put your first step to get the attention of your target. For that, you need to have a landing page first. This article is all about copywriting and creating your landing page.

Copy writing

An important skill a digital marketer needs to master gradually. Copywriting is the art of selling things using texts or words. In simple, a copywriter is basically a salesman who generates sales using his writing skills unlike a typical salesman who convinces his customer by his talking style and a copywriter speaks to a wide audience which is more scalable when compared to one on one sale.

In the end sale of products matters so copywriting is an important aspect of a sales page or a landing page to drive the traffic and convert the leads to customers and that’s how the funnel works.

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Landing page

The page which is redirected from traffic or promotional ads is called the landing page or a sales page. Now you might be thinking about whether you require a landing page for your business if you have a great website with the latest designs?

A website is like a brochure where you showcase all your products and it is not necessary that a person reads all the content of brochure and there is a high chance of getting distracted while looking through all products and that may put in a confused state of mind in the end low chance of sale happens. Same as in the case of a website there are a lot of tabs and links present in a website that leads from one page to another and it goes on.

How landing page is differing from a website? A landing page is a call to action page that leads a person to take any action which may be filling a form or buying a product. One thing that to be noted while creating a landing page is that it should be free from any distraction which tends a person to read the page fully.

The landing page should have an eye-catching heading that makes one read the subheading and finally the content. A landing page can be of two types one is a squeezed page means a lead generation page with the aim of collecting the details driven from traffic to take to the next level of the funnel and the other is a sales page with the motto of selling a product.

It is always advisable to have a long sales page on compared to the short one when you have to sell a product of high value even though 90 percent of the people visiting your sales page won’t read it long but the remaining 10 percent are the actual buyers of your product. Real buyers who invest hard-earned money always go through each and every point of the content and that’s where copywriting plays an important role in building a great sales page.

There are lots of tools available in the market to build a landing page such as instapage, unbounce, mailchimp etc. Click on the image below to see my landing page that promotes the Digital Marketing Tools Mastery program.

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How to write a sales copy?

A strong sales foundation has to be built at first while writing a sales copy which includes the need of a customer and a solution to his needs. Keep in mind that people don’t want your product but they need a solution.

For e.g., if you are selling a driller and people buy it from you. Interestingly here the need of your customer is not your product driller in fact their need is a hole to nail for wall mounting frames or whatever maybe. But your product is a solution for their needs. So keep in mind that don’t sell your product but give a solution to the needs.

There will be a desires state in people’s minds that what they want in future and a current state of how they are now and your product should be a bridge between these two states and if you can convince them then sale happens.

The second thing is the structure of sales copy as mentioned above the first focus is on the present state of the people followed by the desired state after that introduce your product. While introducing the product you need to provide social proof in the form of reviews at first followed by its benefit and then the cost and future results that they get for the price they spent that is their desired state. This structure can generate a good result.

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Persuade people

Sales begin only after persuading people. It is important we have to convince people about our products and make them feel that which can be a solution provider to their needs and persuade them to take the action fast. Following are the triggers used to persuade people.


A give and take policy is simple which means make an obligation feeling in people’s minds to give it back when you give them something. In families, there is a custom of giving back something in return for a gift received that same method is used here by giving free valuable contents at first and make an obligation feeling for people to return for the value received by paying back for following contents.


Most people have the habit of sticking to a commitment. For example, people buy products of certain brands lifetime for their needs which means they have built a commitment to those brands. If a person buys a Bajaj bike first then the chance of buying a second bike is also from Bajaj itself where he got committed to that brand. The first step of building a commitment is by moving the free line and put them on the top of the funnel and eventually increase the price and so on.


People have a tendency to buy something of their needs very fast if they found it’s scarcely available. It is like last minute to purchase or last stock left on a store. Something like that drives them to take action quickly.    

Social proof

It is common now a day that people look for reviews before they make any purchase. Products with five-star reviews always have a high chance of getting sold than with one-star reviews. In this case, people are allowing others to choose a decision for them. Always try to include reviews and testimonials on the sales page because people want to hear from people.


Just like social proof liking also an important factor when comes to a sale as people purchase from a more likable person than someone unknown.


Prove your authority in your field which automatically attracts people to buy your products. Gain authority from knowledge, experience, and results.


Some business sales happen due to fear because people don’t want to lose something rather than gaining. The best example for in this pandemic period hand sanitizers and masks are huge in demand so people stock it once they find more numbers available not to run behind every time when they are finished. Another example is the sale of tyres where people’s fear of bursting or puncture is taken as an advantage.

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Finally concluding this article and hope you learned everything you need to take your first step in digital marketing. The next article will be about how to create your first website.

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  1. I know. I am so guilty of this perfectionism thingy.

    But over a period of time, I have realized that I need to get my material out there and start getting feedback from
    my audience. Instead of wasting time on creating the most
    perfect piece of content.

    Great lesson. Thanks for writing this.

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